A bit about The Harbour Arms

All we can really say at the moment is that the Harbour Arms is the best place to have a pint of Real Ale in Margate on the Isle-of-Thanet

The Harbour Arms is located on the Harbour Arm in Margate - so it was given a cunningly deceptive name.

The Harbour Arms is one of the growing number of Micropubs in Thanet. As you'll discover on out micro-pubs page, micropubs are a new but rapidly growing phenomenon in East Kent - particularly here in Thanet.

It is safe to say, in the site author's mind anyway, that the Harbour Arms is -

Also, the rumour that the Harbour Arms doesn't have its own toilet is true!
But this micropub is located next door to the public toilets on Margate's Harbour Arm (where there are Gents, Ladies and Disabled - so, by not having a toilet the Harbour Arms has the best toilet facilities of any of the micro-pubs!).

This page will be expanded on by the Landlord & Landlady.